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      When you shop with Bird & Co Boutique you are not only supporting a small business but you are also a part of something much bigger. We have made it a part of our mission here to give back to local charities, families, schools and more. It is a passion of the Owners and their employees and it is truly the part of the business that provides the "paycheck of the heart". We would not be able to give like we do if it were not for your support. You can feel confident knowing that we will always have givebacks as a huge part of our business which means you are a part of that as well.

      In August, we created a graphic tee to bring awareness to human trafficking that read "End It". Customers purchased the shirt and we donated back 100% of the profit to the Child Rescue Coalition which totaled $2,400. 

      In September, we created a similar graphic tee that read "Let Them Be Little" to bring awareness to childhood cancer. From the proceeds (100%) of these shirts we were able to donate $3,000 to the Brenner's Pediatric Oncology Fund. 

      In October, our focus was on two very important causes.  Breast Cancer awareness and Domestic Violence.  For Breast Cancer awareness our tee read "Her Fight Is My Fight" and the Domestic Violence tee read "Love Shouldn't Hurt".  Again, 100% of the proceeds went to this organization.

      We wrapped up 2020 with a giveback tee in December in honor of Sara's friend, Katie Randall with a giveback to Meals on Wheels.  Katie loved Meals on Wheels and often found joy in making deliveries.  The giveback tee featured the Bird & Co wings which were painted on the side of our store when we first opened. The tee read "Together, We Can Deliver".  100% of the proceeds were donated.

      We are excited to continue these types of givebacks in 2021 so stay tuned for your opportunity to help!